Types of Contract Manufacturing




Do you have an idea or need to create your product? Are you in the business of marketing? Do you want to innovate with a new line?

We offer contract manufacturing services for a wide variety of finished products, ranging from food, beverages, supplements, and more; with or without Aloe Vera. We specialize in helping other companies develop their own products under their own brand, from the initial concept to the final product delivery. We handle the entire process, working hand in hand with our clients to develop the creative idea, formulate the product, design the image, packaging, and finally deliver the product ready for commercialization.
Additionally, we understand the importance of flexibility in terms of delivery, so we offer different incoterms options to suit our clients' needs. Our company is dedicated to providing successful contract manufacturing services, helping our clients bring their products to market efficiently.

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  • The import and export service involves facilitating the exchange of goods and services between countries. In the context of Agrofeliz, this service entails managing and coordinating the purchase and sale of products on an international level.
  • In the case of importation, Agrofeliz can acquire raw materials, finished products, and fresh goods from other countries through its Agro Happy Netherlands headquarters for use or sale in European countries. This involves complying with customs regulations, coordinating international transportation and logistics, as well as handling documentation and legal procedures.
  • For exportation, Agrofeliz can sell its products, such as Aloe Vera raw materials or finished products, to international clients. This includes identifying market opportunities abroad, complying with export requirements, coordinating international transport logistics, and ensuring the quality and safety of products.
  • Agrofeliz's import and export service facilitates the international trade of products related to Aloe Vera, among others, allowing the company to expand its reach and participation in the global market.


We specialize in the production of high-quality raw materials, such as Aloe Vera extracts, used in various industries, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals. Our expertise in cultivation and processing ensures the quality and purity of these raw materials.

Agrofeliz plays an integral role in providing high-quality natural and organic ingredients for various industries, from food and cosmetics to pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, helping these industries create effective and quality finished products.


Agrofeliz supplies raw materials and finished products for the agro-food industry, including Aloe Vera juices, pulp, gel, crystals, and powders used in the production of healthy beverages and functional foods.


We manufacture finished supplements and provide natural and organic ingredients for the production of dietary supplements. Our Aloe Vera extracts are used by supplement companies to create products that promote digestive health, immunity, and overall well-being.


We offer high-quality Aloe Vera ingredients for the cosmetic industry, used in the formulation of creams, lotions, shampoos, gels, and other skin and hair care products due to their moisturizing, healing, and soothing properties.


Agrofeliz supplies safe and natural ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry. Our Aloe Vera extracts are used in the formulation of medicines and pharmaceutical products to treat a variety of skin conditions, digestion, and promote wound healing.


Agrofeliz products are used in the manufacture of nutraceuticals, which are products that combine nutritional and therapeutic properties. Our natural ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, are used in the formulation of supplements that promote health and overall well-being.