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About Agrofeliz

Agrofeliz Zomac was founded in 2017 with the ideals of cultivating alternative crops to those traditionally grown in the Antioquia region. Due to the instability in the agricultural product market in northern Antioquia, Agrofeliz chose to plant Aloe Vera barbadensis Miller, supporting its project with people of purely farming roots dedicated to cultivation. We obtained organic certification from the United States Department of Agriculture and European organic certification. In 2021, we inaugurated the first plant for the industrialization of Aloe Vera leaves, creating new product lines and manufacturing raw materials. This led to the next stage in the market: commercialization and the opening of national and international markets, demonstrating a 200% growth since its inception. We maintain strong commercial, technical, and personal ties with regional producers, our clients, and small, medium, and large trade chains at both the national and international levels. We express our gratitude and conviction to make the Colombian countryside a path of opportunities.

We continue to grow alongside our ideals, with an excellent team that combines human and professional quality, projecting alliances and support to achieve our goals.


Agrofeliz will be a nationally and internationally recognized organization for its outstanding processes, product quality, and growth with projections into new markets in the Aloe Vera agro-industrial sector. We will meet quality standards through certifications that promote development, committed to corporate values and growth to be leaders in the Aloe Vera industry.


At Agrofeliz, we are a commercial and industrial organization committed to the production, transformation, and commercialization of Aloe Vera. We strive to apply the highest production standards to improve the quality of life of our customers and collaborators. Through a focus on constant growth and continuous improvement of our processes and developments, we are convinced that dedication and attention to detail are fundamental to our success.


Our workforce is mainly composed of women leaders, heads of households, farmers, and young people eager to learn from us and contribute to our processes. With the opening of our plant, more jobs in administration, processing, and sales were created. We are more than coworkers; we bear the ethical, professional values, and human talent that make Agrofeliz a successful company.

Our wonderful team is characterized by unity, respect, love, and dedication in every Project.

Administrative and Commercial

At Agrofeliz, leadership and pride are intertwined in each of our collaborators, forming the vital fabric of our company. Our team feels part of a family united by a shared vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence.
Our leadership stands out for its ability to inspire, motivate, and guide each individual to their maximum potential, based on strong values of integrity, respect, and empathy, creating an environment where every voice is valued and every contribution recognized.
This empowering leadership is reflected in the pride we feel for our work and our company. Every achievement, no matter how small, is a reason to celebrate and drives us to move forward with determination and passion. We know that together we can reach great heights and leave a positive mark on the world.

Antonio Tejada
Administrative and Financial Manager
Supervises the internal functions of the company, including human resources, finance, and operations. His efficient management ensures smooth and effective internal processes, contributing to the company's productivity and profitability.
Tatiana Lopez
Commercial Manager
Leads the development of products and services and the execution of sales and marketing strategies to drive the company's growth. Her ability to identify market opportunities, establish strong relationships with customers and business partners, and lead a highly effective sales team is essential for the company's expansion and success.
Elber Pino
General Manager
Responsible for establishing the company's strategic vision, coordinating all operations, and ensuring corporate objectives are met. His ability to make sound decisions and lead with clarity is fundamental to the organization's overall success.


    We have national and international coverage. The dedication of Agrofeliz's commercial team to sector-specific attention improves the quality of service provided due to their ability to understand local needs, establish close relationships with clients, operate more efficiently, and quickly adapt to market changes. This results in a more relevant, personalized, and satisfying customer experience, strengthening the company's market position.

    Commercial Management South America and Central America

    Commercial Director Asia, Canada, and Western Europe.

    Commercial Agent USA

    Operations Headquarters Europe Agro Happy Netherlands